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RFID WireTrack TechnologyRFID WireTrack® Technology Is Here!

If you are a big box retailer or even a small boutique electronics shop, we offer a cost-effective inventory control and identification system.  We are currently in a  beta testing mode with the RFID Wires and Wafers Systems and have seeing very promising results.

Since 2015 we have been updating a series of patents filed internationally and in the United States. Once these are in process we will be able to publish more detail on these ground-breaking advances.  Production of our systems will remain with trusted suppliers in Asia.  Our proprietary scanning systems will be retooled and ramped up for full production starting in 4th Quarter 2015.  The WireTrack® Scan software is currently at version 2.413.

We are continuing to work on driving unit costs down for the wires and wafers.  The more cost effective that we can make them, the more likely that retailers will expand their use of them concealing wires and wafers in and on their retail electronic devices.

How it works

If you have electronics that may be targets for counterfeiters or “switch and replace” in the retail space, RFID WireTrack provides you with a way to authenticate the item by marking it electronically.  Once embedded in the electronic you can use the RFID WireTrack 7200K handheld scanner to ensure the item came from your inventory.  Since many consumer electronic items that are mass produced do not have individual serial numbers, this enables you to tag every product that is sold from your inventory.

The most exciting development in recent months has been new translucent polymers that are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. This will make them even less obtrusive when used in niches beyond consumer electronics, and will apply to art, vintage collectibles, and a host of other boutique retail concepts. The new translucent RFID technology can even be slid inside the wiring or electrical components so it is not visible on the surface of the product or component. This is particularly useful with small portable electronic items.

rfid-wiresWe have been able to leverage technology  advances in the area of implantable RFID devices for animals, and used these concepts to make even smaller and thinner RFID Wire  and wafer solutions that hold enormous promise in the future beyond applications in electronic retailing.

Even though we are beta testing with big box retailers, we have also selectively identified small boutique electronics retailers as beta testers in Western Europe, Australia, The United States, and Southeast Asia.  The objective with this group is to scale costs to fit even small businesses so that we can deploy wires, wafers, and scanners to the hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world.